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Our Business Cloud integration platform suits large and small businesses!

Are you curious about Lundatech Business Cloud? Contact me and I'll be happy to tell you more!


Staffan Hedbrandh


+46(0)707 - 81 97 23
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Lundatech is a SaaS company with offices in Malmö and Uppsala

Feel free to contact us to hear how we can help you with integrations (new and old), reporting, budget and forecasting.

+46(0)707 - 81 97 23


Read more about what happens at Lundatech, here we gather knowledge and information.



Vår integrationsplattform Business Cloud passar stora som små verksamheter!

Är du nyfiken på Lundatech Business Cloud? Kontakta mig så berättar jag gärna mer!


Staffan Hedbrandh


+46(0)707 - 81 97 23
Maila Staffan


Lundatech är ett SaaS bolag med kontor i Malmö och Uppsala

Kontakta oss gärna för att höra hur vi kan hjälpa er med integrationer (nya som gamla), rapportering, budget & prognos.

+46(0)707 - 81 97 23


Läs mer om vad som händer på Lundatech, här samlar vi kunskap och information.


Integration as a service with Business Cloud

Create integrations in hours instead of months. With ready-made adapters, you can connect new customers regardless of data source or location, all as a service.

Business Cloud

Don't let outdated processes stand in the way of your development.

Business Cloud increases your competitiveness, enables faster integration with your customers, and opens up the potential for increased licensing revenues.

Increased competitiveness with Business Cloud

As a partner, you will receive a complete management portal for all needs.

  • Installation and automatic updates
  • Data cleaning to ensure standardized data
  • Real-time data quality warns of errors
  • Hosting and operation in Sweden
  • Real-time monitoring of all integrations and services
  • Maintenance of integrated sources

Become consulting-dependent while increasing your licensing revenues

Avoid customer-specific solutions and lengthy implementations. Our standardized processes enable faster implementation, more flexibility, and better cost

  • Convert consulting revenues to licensing revenues
  • Predictable costs
  • Effective implementation

We take care of maintenance so you can focus on business

It doesn't matter to us what IT solution your customer has. Regardless of on-prem, cloud, or files, we standardize the data in a complete version to be able to use it faster.

What you get is real-time data from the customer's system, cleaned, secure, and standardized.

  • Seamless handling of hybrid environments
  • Avoid management and maintenance
  • Get complete, correct data in real time

Our goal is to alleviate our partners

We do this by offering a simpler, more cost-effective, and future-proof solution for data management and integrations.


Stelios Apostolakis

Partner Manager
Product owner

+46 (o)724 - 54 66 60

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Staffan Hedbrandh

Business development

+46 (o)707 - 81 97 23

Email Staffan

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Business Cloud gives you the tools of the future for integrations today. You can book a demo, and we'll show you how Business Cloud can help you with your data needs today.